As you already know, Facebook is one of the leading social media networks that you can not only use to promote yourself, but your business as well. And if you are blogger or your company has its own separate blog page, you can directly import your blog to your business Facebook page by using their notes application.

Facebook had originally added a separate Notes setting to every Facebook page, but since they removed this setting, many people felt stuck as they could no longer import their blogs to their Facebook page. We at Digimarketerz, have explained how you can again add your company blogs to your Facebook page by installing the Notes App. Below is the detailed steps brought to you by team of Digimarketerz, a website design, development , digital marketing company in Mumbai.

  • Go to your company’s Fan Page on Facebook.
  • Add the Notes Tab to the collection of tabs that are already there.
  • When you see the Note Tab, click on it to Add New Note.
  • Ignore the screen that tells you to ‘Write a Note’. Instead, click on the Notepad icon that you will see on the top right of your screen.
  • A new screen will appear which will ask you to add the URL of your blog page.
  • Enter the URL and click on ‘Start importing’.
  • After you complete the above steps, you will notice most of your recent blogs beginning to appear on the main Facebook company page. And whenever you write a new blog on any topic, your Facebook page will automatically show that blog post at the very top of your page. Moreover, all of the fans of you page will also receive notifications on their Facebook profiles whenever you add a new blog to your site. This will encourage them to click on the URL shown on their Facebook page, thus driving a lot of traffic to your company’s main website.

We hope you liked this article on How to import your blog into Facebook Social Media by our Social Media Team at Digimarketerz.- website design, development , digital marketing company in Mumbai

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